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Only a year

2013-12-02 00:11:17 by ghook

So, it appears as though I haven't written anything for almost a year. Wow. So, a few updates:

In the last year, I have worked on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. After 102 shows, the songs still invoke nightmares. I have started a sound and lighting company, GCP Sound & Lighting.

I have written and recorded some songs, and re recorded some others. You can check out my latest upload, Rising, Here. This song is actually being used in a web add for a BnB that is being sold, so you may hear it in other locations.

On a more base level, I have become a Scout Leader, and I somehow spend more time at scouting events than at home. Oh Well!

Catch you around - Gerard.

I am still alive!

2011-08-12 22:54:26 by ghook

Well, I am back!

I have a new song up, it is called Flowering. This is my second attempt at making it, so hopefully this one does well!

FL Studio 10

2011-04-01 02:25:04 by ghook

Well, I must say that I am very pleased with FL 10.

My hands don't want to work for much longer, so I'll just to the pros and cons:


-Nice new mixer layout
-Playback Indicators next to track names
-Live Triggering with MIDI
-64bit support
-Nice new FX

-No more pattern blocks after this one! Not that I use them much, but for roughing out a song, they were really good.
-Pricey. Money does not come easily.

FGCP is Clear. 73.

New Collab!

2010-12-28 19:26:26 by ghook

Myself and Oliver ( have made a new collab, "Missing Order". It is a club track, but with trance elements.

Check it out HERE: /386975

Please Review.


Well, Since I last posted, I have been in the Sound or Lighting Crews for Anything Goes, Melbourne Gang Show, and Hello Dolly, and I am about to start on Camberwell Showtime.

I have now moved house, and will be working a lot more on some new tunes.

Me and some freinds have started a band called DR Awesome and Associates. I will post more about them some time soon.

I have finished writing a new song - Fight For Freedom - with the above mentioned band, so I will link to the mp3 soon.

I going away soon, so I intent to have a mass writing session, and I am currently working on a collab with blackduckie.

All 4 Now

EDIT: I have just uploaded the song for Dr Awesome and Associates, it is called Fight For Freedom! Link: /351894

Music, Formal, Band, Shows......

2010-05-03 00:11:21 by ghook


What a busy schedual I have now! In one week I will be starting myu run of shows. That finishes in october, one show a month!
Currently the list stands at:

Whitehorse Musical Theatre
Melbourne Gang Show
Amateur Repertory Company
Camberwell Showtime
Home Education Network Teen Spring Formal 2010
Perry's Young Stars

As you can see, I don't have much time!

The planning is now underway for the 2010 Home Education Network Teen Spring Formal (See link above). I am currently looking for some flash visualisations to run on a projector. If you want to do some, PM me.

I have now created an account for me and my brothers band, Hooked (hookedtheband). Have a look at our 2 songs.

And I have made another song, Roads. Check out and Review!

G. :D

Well, I have no use for my time at the moment, so I will post to my blog instead.

First off, My families house did not sell last weekend, so more waiting ensues. The only reason I care is because I get a new music room when I move!

I have joined the Melbourne Gang Show this year (in the crew, I don't do singing and dancing!), and I finished reading the script today. If you did not laugh after seeing the show, I would take you to the doctor! :) Hopefully some photos will follow.

I have finished writing a song, but unfortunately it is earmarked for something else, so I can't put it on NG yet!

I can't think of anything else at the moment.


Well, another post.......

First off, I have finally joined some radio clubs! First the Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit, then the Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club.

Well, we are moving! Probably will have by june, I will post more then.

I am working on arranging some songs at the moment, so no knew ones just yet. Also, have a look at Keelhauled by Alestorm.

This year is a busy one. I have 8 shows this year, I will post a complete list sometime soon.

All for now,


New Songs.

2010-01-06 00:47:11 by ghook

Well, I have finally uploaded some new stuff! Two songs which I have written using FL9 with the pattern clips - this has made editing sooooo much easier!

The first one, One Week, was written in, One week! Very simple, common FX send for all channels etc.
The Second one, stars, however took almost two months! ironicly, this is the one I am not happy with!

Have a listen, and comment pls!



Well, I'm back! I haven't posted anything lately, 'cause I'm too lazy!

Well, christmas is apon us again. And, stupidly, I stuck my hand up to both play guitar and mix sound! somehow, I will manage this!

I am moving house soon.. With any luck I get a music area of my own. I will hopefully write more music once we have moved (about august next year).

I have written a new song, called Stars. I haven't quite finished the mix, but I will upload it ASAP. it is quite odd, as I have cascaded a 200hz dip, a 140hz roll-off, and a 220hz dip on the piano! almost no mids!

And, FINALLY, the band I am in with my brothers has finished a song - check it out HERE

Thats all from me, more after chrissy!