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2010-07-24 05:24:49 by ghook

Well, Since I last posted, I have been in the Sound or Lighting Crews for Anything Goes, Melbourne Gang Show, and Hello Dolly, and I am about to start on Camberwell Showtime.

I have now moved house, and will be working a lot more on some new tunes.

Me and some freinds have started a band called DR Awesome and Associates. I will post more about them some time soon.

I have finished writing a new song - Fight For Freedom - with the above mentioned band, so I will link to the mp3 soon.

I going away soon, so I intent to have a mass writing session, and I am currently working on a collab with blackduckie.

All 4 Now

EDIT: I have just uploaded the song for Dr Awesome and Associates, it is called Fight For Freedom! Link: /351894


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