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Christmas, Moving House, Music, Band.....

2009-12-16 23:28:06 by ghook

Well, I'm back! I haven't posted anything lately, 'cause I'm too lazy!

Well, christmas is apon us again. And, stupidly, I stuck my hand up to both play guitar and mix sound! somehow, I will manage this!

I am moving house soon.. With any luck I get a music area of my own. I will hopefully write more music once we have moved (about august next year).

I have written a new song, called Stars. I haven't quite finished the mix, but I will upload it ASAP. it is quite odd, as I have cascaded a 200hz dip, a 140hz roll-off, and a 220hz dip on the piano! almost no mids!

And, FINALLY, the band I am in with my brothers has finished a song - check it out HERE

Thats all from me, more after chrissy!



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