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2010-05-03 00:11:21 by ghook


What a busy schedual I have now! In one week I will be starting myu run of shows. That finishes in october, one show a month!
Currently the list stands at:

Whitehorse Musical Theatre
Melbourne Gang Show
Amateur Repertory Company
Camberwell Showtime
Home Education Network Teen Spring Formal 2010
Perry's Young Stars

As you can see, I don't have much time!

The planning is now underway for the 2010 Home Education Network Teen Spring Formal (See link above). I am currently looking for some flash visualisations to run on a projector. If you want to do some, PM me.

I have now created an account for me and my brothers band, Hooked (hookedtheband). Have a look at our 2 songs.

And I have made another song, Roads. Check out and Review!

G. :D


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