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Hi again....

Well, The 2009 season of Whitehorse Showtime is now over. Good fun was had by all, and the venturers were the loudest once again.. Oh well, some things never change! It was a smooth bump out, except that we lost about $100 worth of clamps! Whoops! Also, I got to run the lights for half of one of the nights, which was cool.

I'm working at the Royal Melbourne Show again this year, with the woodwork group, Learning by Doing, so come down and say hi! Only bummer is that i'm working on Grand Final day, so that will be interesting!!

I'm sick again, stupid sore throat. Oh well, could be worse!

Also, It won't let me UPGRADE my internet security without uninstalling the old one first. THAT'S NOT AN UPGRADE!!!

And lastly, My dad, nana and some of my brothers were on Stateline on ABC 1 on Friday night. I was dragged along to a Collingwood Training Match. Oh well, I found a 15 Buck Cable dropped by one of the film crews!

That's all from me,


Hello again.

Well, the 2009 Season of Whitehorse Showtime starts this weekend, with opening night on Saturday, the 28th August. Yes, I know this saturday is the 22nd, but the techies start this weekend (Including Me!). Hopefully I get a USEFULL job this year!

My new song is up. Megatron of Kyneton started out as a series of chords on a Korg X5D patch called Megatron. I worked on it, and here is the result. It is quite slow at 64bpm, but at double, I couldn't have gotten it all in easy enough.

Also, I have now been sick for over a week. Bummer. But, I am getting better, so, to use a mony python quip, "I'm Not Yet Dead!".

I have gotten my hot little hands on a Release candidate of windows 7. Wow. Yes, It kinda looks like Vista, but it is better by far! No crappy sidebar making a wide screen normal again, and with 2% idle consomption compared to 8.5% for XP Pro on the same rig, thats pretty darn good too. And 30 seconds to a useable desktop IS good. And, yes, FL Studio DOES work in win 7, so don't worry!

Thats it from me.



2009-06-11 22:21:13 by ghook


Well, my stupid week is almost at an end. I have made it so far!

A quick plug for the show I am doing at the moment.

What: Alice in Woderland and Seussicle the musical.
Where: The Doncaster Playhouse, 608 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster.
When: Fri 12th June @ 7:30 pm, Sat 13th June @ 2:00pm & 7:30 pm, Sun 14th June @ 2pm.

Contact Rebecca Perry or 0409 863 617 (Australia)

Also, my laptop will be fixed soon, so I will be able to churn out some more music!

More from me soon,


Hello Everybody.

First of all, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! Now I can run sytrus without it crashing (Though it still did, but that was probably the fact I had 8 sytrus, 2 3x Osc, and 2 Audio tracks open, with automation, EQ etc.)

I also got my dads old Korg X5D Keyboard working again, I'm still trying to remeber how to use it, it was in the shed for 3.5 years! It's quite fun to record the MIDI for some ideas into FL, then put some really nice sytrus patches on them.

I finally got Gas Met Di Zooi (?) by Angerfist (Remixed by the Playah). Quite interesting to put through wave shaper on full!

Portsea Camp Home Educators Disco soon! We will be premiering Caustic Redemptionby HNI & Particle Music.

I need to get flash, particle PLEASE REMIND ME!

Weeel, I can't think of anything more to write.


Here is a great website for free VSI/i's. :

No more from me.

73, Gerard Hook.


2009-05-16 01:42:33 by ghook

Well, I'm Finally on EchoLink!

Woo Hoo!

My callsign is vk3fgcp if you want to call me.

Great Test

2009-05-15 03:32:47 by ghook
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This is a product test for MackieMixing Desks.<br />

Science Challenge

2009-05-09 20:50:41 by ghook

Well, I survived!

The Home-Education Network Team Placed Second, and will compete in the state finals in july!


2009-05-05 02:00:11 by ghook

Well, I finally got my radio license!!!

My Callsign is: VK3FGCP

Hope to chat to some of you on the air sometime.


Radio Licence

2009-05-03 23:47:54 by ghook

Well, my radio license FINALLY came through!


My callsign still hasn't been processed. Damn.

I will be in geelong for a science challenge over the weekend, and Particle Music will be there as well. I will hopefully get some pics up soon.


The Revenue Myth.

2009-04-30 03:29:25 by ghook

I would like to expose some of the flaws in the newgrounds revenue system.

For a start, the amount made is very, very small.

Secondly, Newgrounds probably make a hell of a lot more out of it than you would.

If, for example, you regularly get 10,000 hits per week, then newgrounds will up the charges to advertise on your page.

And, as the most earned is $50 USD ($70 AUD), you wont exactly be able to live of it.

Newgrounds, I am not saying that you are bad, just that your system of revenue rasing for members is flawed.

Gerard Hook.