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Work, Radio, and a lot of AMPS!

2009-04-27 20:24:52 by ghook

Hi all.

Well, I am on a coffee break at work. Probably am not supposed to be doing this, but what the heck!

I have been learning about spot welding, and found out the average weld current is 11,000 amps!!! The average home power point has only 10 (In australia, for the amercans among us, 15).]

umm, ouch!

My radio licence still has not come through, I will let you know when it does.

More later.....


Amateur Radio Licence

2009-04-19 02:38:01 by ghook

Hello there.

Well, I did it! I am now a certified amateur radio operator in australia.
I passed the test at 92% (23 out of 25).

My call sign will be VK3FGCP (hopefully!)
I will update when I get my license in the post.


More info on licensing :
Australian Communications and Media Authority:

Leo McKernan, 14 March 1930 - 14 April 2009

2009-04-14 01:05:14 by ghook

Leo McKernan, Died 14 April 2009 at 2:00 PM in rosebud hospital.

He was a talented tenor, and violinist, and a great cook.

He will be missed by everyone.

Rest in Peace.

Easter and Holidays.

2009-04-13 03:17:09 by ghook

Hello all.

So, another easter has passed, a stash awaits, and on into the last week of the holidays.
Some are going away, others stay at home. Either way, we continue.

I am going away next week to do a course in amature radio, and sit for my licence. I will be away from wednesday (15th april) until sunday, so I probably wont reply.

I have also recently finished mixing a song I composed for the feature film Belladonnna. Unfortunately, I missed my chance! I am still trying to get it on the bonus features disk. I will upload it to my portal.
More info about the film here:

All in all, a fun easter.

I will get back soon, promise!


Response to How Do, EQ?

2009-04-09 23:56:24 by ghook


Sorry, but i acciedently deleted the responce to the review on How Do, EQ? (Stupid button.)

Here it is:


First of all re: Copyright.
I have had too many bad experiences with rip offs to not fully cover myself, and, so what if the record label is my own? I have other artists in as well. Also, I am fully within my rights to place a copyright on any original work, so you can't say I am breaking the law.

Also, that was the first song I did in FL, so excuse me for not using to much originality in the stuff, but, I hadn't got around to installing all of my drum samples. If you listen to some stuff on my myspace, you will hear changes. Same with 3osc. I have used original synth sounds in other songs.

THANKYOU for being so blunt, i will definitely think about it. The main problem with the mixing side is my speakers are crap, and my headphones have too much bass to be accurate.

Also re: making music -
My background comes from rock, and live music. I used to write a lot for live playing, and i'm still stuck in that genre.

Once again, thanks for the bluntness, it helped a lot.


Gerard Hook

Still Alive!

2009-04-07 05:49:24 by ghook

I've found a link and Video of "Still Alive" from Portal.
It is the BEST SONG EVER! onathan_Coulton__Portal__-_Still_Alive .mp3 ykLs


Contacting Me

2009-04-05 22:22:58 by ghook

If you want to contact me, please only use PM'ing or Myspace. I dont use other im's, and, i am not sharing my email!


Speakin My Mind

2009-04-03 23:30:30 by ghook


Could some people please listen to some of my stuff, i know its not great, but...



Complaints about default patches.

2009-04-03 01:16:58 by ghook


This post is related to some people complaining about using default synth sounds and drum patches in songs.

Sometimes, the one that sounds best is the default. If everybody used different sounds then we would soon run out. It's not like I am the first to use default sounds in music.

Hopefully some of the music just up will demonstrate that I can be original when required.



How Do, EQ?

2009-03-30 00:09:29 by ghook

Hey Guys, Finaly Got a song up!

Click the Audio Button at the top to listen.

It's from my album, Like Fire Underwater.